Software Tips



The only software I currently use is the Husqvarna Viking 6D™ Professional software.  It is not necessarily user friendly, but once you know how to operate the software, it is not that hard to do.  I am no fan of dongles, but this software requires it.  So far, no problems with them, and as long as I keep it installed on my dedicated Dell (with Windows 10) it has given me no problems.  Keep watching this page as I update it with things I have learned about this software.  I am currently using this software a lot in my embroidery designs.  The more I work with this software, the more I realize what it can do.


There are several versions of this software ranging from basics, to more professional for making our own designs.  Here is more information about this software at this link on Husqvarna Viking's Website:  5D Software Versions


Husqvarna-Viking Designer Ruby

My Designer Ruby (no longer have)



Designer Diamond Royale

The machine I currently use, Designer Diamond Royale.  The 5D and 6D software works on both machines.



Updated on:  November 23, 2017