My Sewing Machines


Designer Ruby

On October 16, 2014, I traded my Designer Ruby in for a Diamond Royale. Husquvarna Viking embroidery machines are changing so quickly, and have a variety of new features that are hard to beat. When this Diamond Royale came up ON SALE and my Designer Ruby was still on a high value for trade-in, I had to take the leap!! On October 17, 2014, I accepted the Diamond Royale, and brought it home. This is an $11,000 machine (which my cat will still sit on to view outside at this window)! I will continue to learn to do some extra-ordinary things, and have already learned how to do "the velvet stitch" - OH MY! How beautiful art thou. After the sale price of $9,000, and $2,000 for buying a floor model (18 hours on it), and $2,000 trade-in - this machine came to be $5,000.00. My friend said she had never sold one of these that low! I'm just astounded at this good fortune.

The Diamond Royale features use of a much larger hoop. There are two of them available. One it comes with, and the other is $229.00 last I checked. This machine also has "design positioning" feature which allows for larger designs to be placed together for an even larger one on the cloth. I mean, wow. Let's cover the walls with beautiful embroidery!

Diamond Royale

The Diamond Royale - features a larger screen.

First Design made on Diamond Royale

Featuring the velvet stitch.


Husqvarna Viking 200S

Husqvarna Viking HuskyLock 200S

Then I traded that in for the s21

New Huskylock s21

Huskylock s21


Singer Patchwork

My new, fresh out of the box Singer Patchwork, but I've had it a few months, now.  It comes with a table extender, a carry/cover case, and multiple foot attachments.  It does 99 fancy stitches, and sews very quietly.  It was a bargain at $219.00 (reg. $449.99).  This is a nice machine, but it only handles 2 or 3 layers of material at a time. It's perfectly fine for quilting, which is really what it is made for. I have done many projects with it, already, just not quilting (yet).

Singer Talent 3323

This is my new Singer Talent Model 3323 that is/was replacing my Singer Imperial.  This is a workhorse, and will sew anything. I've already tried it out, and love it.  It is a good value for the price.  Reg. Price is $229.99 but it was on sale for $149.99. Can't beat that!  It also does a one step buttonhole.    There is a wonderful DVD that comes with it showing all the things that can be done with Singer Sewing Machines, such as twin needle designs, free motion, zippers, buttons, etc.  Very informative.


Singer One Plus

This Singer One Plus was a surprise birthday present from my hubby. THIS Singer will replace the Imperial. The Talent is still great for travel, or using it when I need a totally different setting for sewing a project (which I've already done). This is a workhorse and will go over 8 layers of anything. I've tried it. The YouTube video of it shows it sewing over 8 layers of denim. It has a great sound to it, and it "purrs" gently, yet it packs a strong motor to do the job. It's amazing. I can't wait to get into trying the 100 fancy stitches it does, and the lettering. This is regularly priced at $600.00, but we got it for half off, which was $300.00. A great bargain.


Singer Red Eye model 66 made in 1920

My "new" antique Singer Red Eye (also called a Redhead) model 66 sewing machine. According to the number on it,  was manufactured in 1920.  It is electric, missing the foot pedal.  I will try to buy a replacement pedal, get this machine running again.  It has the credit of being the, "best  sewing machine ever made." People still buy these and use them professionally.  It looks only lightly used.


My new acquisition, a Husqvarna Viking SE1 made in Sweden! I paid $500.00 approximately.  It's been refurbished, has a new "motherboard" and several other new parts. Maintenance done by Husqvarna Viking.




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