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Making Throw Pillows


Throw Pillows

The green on the left is made of linen, and the blue on the right is polyester materials. Now that I own a Designer Ruby embroidery machine, the new pillows I make from now on will have embroidered designs on them.


First Pillow with Embroidery

My first try at a nice embroidered pillow. 


horse pillow

A gift for my sister.


Lilac Pillow

A lilac design. This embroidery took a little over 4-1/2 hours to sew.


Rosey Pillow

A rosey pillow.  A gift for a friend.

Art Nuevo Pillos

This style reminds me of Art Nuevo.  Gold, black, & white design.  The pillow is actually light green, but an off-white backround would be best for this one.  Love it.


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