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Satin embroidered Aer in the making.

My Prayer Corner

I posted this picture of my prayer corner with the new table cover I had made.  It made a big hit, so now I'm taking orders for our parish members who wish to have an actual liturgical table cover.   They can also be made with Orthodox trims around the hem.  Also, I have other styles of crosses to use.

Gold Prayer Table Cloth

Cross with metallic thread

This is a liturgical cross with metallic thread.



Three Crosses

The picture does not do these justice because of the flash, but an idea of what the other three look like. The first one is silvery grey, the middle one is gold and off-white, and the last one is blue and bright white.

Up for consideration, polo shirts with our Church name or logo for special events.  The colors could be changed for each event.  Included in the price is a small donation to our Church.

Polo Shirts for sale

To request a price:



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