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Charlene's Notebook

Not so many years ago the only way to get quality machine embroideries was to buy merchandise from a store. Only the industry of manufacturered clothing could make wonderful, fine precision and intricate embroideries on clothing and household material items, such as tablecloths, dish clothes, towels, pillows, curtains, etc., unless one were highly skilled in the art of hand embroidery, of course. 

Now, the machine embroideries that could only be purchased are now available in household sewing machines. With the computer, almost anything is can be done, and the only limit is the imagination. The best part of this idea is being able to customize clothing items for family, small flannel blankets for dogs, kids, towels, shirts, even t-shirts. The personalized designs is what sells this for me.  They make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Software can be purchased to design your own, or you can buy premade files, such as the ranuncula flower on the left.  There are currently several 6D ™ versions of software from Husqvarna Viking available, which each does a limited range of things, of course the more expensive versions do more.  Only the top of the line enables the user to design their own, and to make designs from photos.

Check out the Husqvarna Viking links below to get more information about the 5D™ software for the Husqvarna Viking embroidery sewing machines.

In the meantime, check out what the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond Royale can do.














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